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MAÝAM Dry Cleaners provides professional dry cleaning, laundry and pressing services in Ashgabat with superior customer service and care including free pick up and delivery. Over the past few years we invested in upgrade of equipment to keep up with the technology and to offer our customers the best quality we can give. MAÝAM Dry Cleaners strives to be the front runner in keeping up with technology by working closely with the DLI International ®.


Everything we do, we do for the client. Quality of service delivery to our customers are at the forefront of our business. MAÝAM Dry Cleaners uses equipment from worldwide known leading suppliers to delivery the finest quality product in dry cleaning, laundry and finishing. Our team reviews care labels to determine the appropriate cleaning method and use high quality solvents, spotting agents and state-of-the-art to dry clean your garments.



We also clean household items such as blankets and bed linens. Some items might be dry cleaned (blankets) while others, such as linens, benefit from laundering by retaining fresh feel and look. Items will be pressed as needed and requested.


MAÝAM Dry Cleaners uses a unique in-house process that leaves your business shirts looking like new. Every shirt is carefully laundered, treated with special fresheners and pressed on sophisticated high quality equipment. Stop by to see the difference in our speed and quality.


Our experts inspect all clothes before cleaning. If stains are present they will be treated before cleaning in the dry-cleaning machine or washing machine. Garments are carefully checked to ensure they can withstand an overall cleaning method. Garments are cleaned on a spotting board, using steam, compressed air, vacuum and special high quality stain removal agents, as necessary.  



A wedding dress is the most special and delicate garment a lady will ever own in her life. MAÝAM Dry Cleaners are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service in the cleaning and pressing of your wedding dress. Our teams have years of dry cleaning experience and knowledge to preserve your wedding dress with the utmost care.


Regular cleaning will help keep your curtains fresh, providing for a longer life expectancy. Our dry cleaning experts will carefully inspect curtains for stains to remove them and take the greatest possible care when dry cleaning or laundering. We encourage our customers to let us know when an item needs special care.


We have a dedicated team working exclusively to pick up and deliver your laundry to your home or office free of charge. Just text us at +99366-122122 or send email at to book pick up. 



Our customer can benefit from special hand cleaning of their expensive shoes, sneakers and purses. After our service we will return your items with the fresh feel and look. 



Looking for more? As our staff about odor removal services from your garments (fire, smoke, cigarette smoke) and we will be happy to help you.

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